e-Health Process

Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record

Requirements 1 – 5 of the PIP eHealth Incentive

Apply for PCEHR compliant digital credentials for organisations and individuals

*Application to Request or Update a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate

( Use this form if you are registered with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service and now wish to request a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate to interact with the HI Service.

or If you already have a PKI certificate for doing other online business with Medicare and you wish to interact with the HI Service.)

Call 1300 361 457* to update your permissions to include HI Service access.

Register with the Healthcare Identifiers HI Service

(Registration with the HI service is a prerequisite for a healthcare organisation to be registered for the eHealth record system)

1. Register your organisation for an HPI-O

*Application to Register a Seed Organisation HPI-O

(You must have a PKI certificate to apply. If you have not have the details phone Medicare)

( Use this form to register a Seed Organisation, a Responsible Officer (RO) or an Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service.) You will receive a notification letter with your HIPI-O number.

2. Register your organisation for a HPI-I

*Application to Register a Healthcare Provider HPI-I

( Use this form to register as a Healthcare Provider Individual Identifier (HPI-I) within the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service.) Please note: All Medical Practitioners registered through AHPRA have already been allocated their HPI-I. To obtain this, the Practitioner (not a third party) can phone

1300 361 457.

3. Complete the NASH form:

Application to Request a National Authentication Service

for Health Public Key Infrastructure Certificate for Healthcare Provider Organisations

This is a NASH PKI certificate for your organisation.

Do this once you have your HIPI-O number and your PKI and registered with the HI service and you are either the RO or OMO.

Install the NASH PKI Certificate on your organisation’s IT system

4. Print and complete the form: *Application to register as a healthcare provider organisation (Completed by RO or OMO once you have received the HPI-O notification letter from Human Services.)

***THIS FORM IS NOW “PART B” OF THE CURRENT – Application to Register a Seed Organisation FORM

5. Complete the form: *Participant Agreement for Healthcare provider organisation

(Make sure you send all 16 pages of the agreement)  MediSecure Pty Ltd Commercial-in-confidence page 2 Process Guide PCEHR

Access to the Portal

If you want individual healthcare professionals to access the eHealth record system on behalf of your organisation via the provider portal, complete the form:

*Application to establish list of authorised healthcare provider individuals

Submit the above application forms and the participation agreement(s) to the return address on the registration forms or phone for an email address.

Messaging Provider

(Healthlink or your provider will have either faxed or emailed this Medicare form to you.)

*Application to Link or Unlink a Contracted Service Provider to or from a Healthcare Organisation Record

(Use this form to link a Contracted Service Provider (CSP) organisation to a Healthcare Organisation record. You may also unlink a CSP organisation from a Healthcare Organisation record.)

If you use Healthlink as your secure messaging provider contact Healthlink on 1800 125 036

to email this form to you.

Helpful Information:

Go to http://www.ehealth.gov.au/ Select > For professionals > Register my health organisation

Follow Steps 1 – 3

eHealth helpline: 1800 723 471

Compliance Checklist and Policy Documents

For the Compliance checklist and policy documents go to RACGP http://www.racgp.org.au

Type ‘ehealth’ in search

Scroll to Practice Incentive Program e-health incentive (ePIP)’

Go to ‘Downloads’ and save compliance checklist and Policy documents listed below:

1. An ePIP eligibility checklist – Compliance Checklist

2. Practice policy on the use of standards-compliant secure messaging

3. Practice policy on the use of electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP)

4. Practice policy on the use of clinical coding terminologies in the practice clinical software system

5. Practice policy on the personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record system


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